How it Works


  • Go to the academic, business, or personal service page.
  • Enter your word count to get a quote.
  • Upload your document along with your contact information.
  • We’ll get back to you asap with confirmation and payment details.


We make use of the review function, which is located in the tabs section at the top of your MS Word document. As shown below, this can use be used to track any changes made to your document. To see the changes in detail, choose ‘All Markup’ from the drop-down menu to the right of the ‘Track Changes’ button.

Below is an example of a document in which the editor has made use of the review function. The editor has marked all alterations, so the author can see what has been done. Comments are shown on the right-hand side and are intended to explain the edits. These comments may also be used to highlight any areas the editor is confused about.

In order to accept all changes at the end of the work and clear your text of mark-up, simply choose the ‘Accept’ option in the review tab. You can also delete any or all comments by clicking on the delete button in the comments section to the left of the ‘Track Changes’ button.

The review function is the most efficient way to complete the editing process and so we use it to give you peace of mind about the work that has been carried out on your document.


For security and convenience, we use PayPal invoicing, which you can use to make a payment with any of the major debit or credit cards or a PayPal balance if you have one.